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4D construction project management software

  • Plan, manage, construct, track, and review construction projects in 4D
  • Review and communicate in an interactive digital environment
  • Validate and optimize your project plan
  • Identify schedule problems early to save time and money
  • Engage with the supply chain

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Digitally enhance your construction planning and operations with 4D

SYNCHRO 4D is a real-time cloud solution that enables digitally enhanced construction planning and operations.  The only platform that interoperates with all major 3D modeling and scheduling tools in the market, you can count on SYNCHRO 4D to handle your most complex construction projects. Take advantage of virtual construction, planning, and model-based workflows. With a 4D digital construction management platform, you can combine 4D authoring capabilities and third-party software to use applications designed for each unique role in the project delivery process, whether planning work sequences, digital rehearsals, or tracking progress in the field.  You can confidently deliver your projects on time and within budget with SYNCHRO 4D.

Work with model-based construction workflows

SYNCHRO 4D enables you to construct, plan, and track projects based on a construction model. You can easily communicate and present the construction plan and schedule, allowing for trade partner collaboration and commitment with confidence, on-time execution and delivery, and quicker approval for payment. The web and mobile applications extend the value of the 4D construction model by exchanging and managing 2D, 3D, and 4D models with geolocated, rich data in the project context. Your team can efficiently access and author data to make more informed decisions.

Deliver your construction projects on time

Schedule your construction projects with real-time progress updates. Easily plan, manage, construct, track, and review your construction projects in 4D. SYNCHRO 4D runs on Microsoft Azure, to give you best-in-class cloud technology. You can ensure safety while delivering your construction project on time.

Ensure high-quality projects, eliminate rework, and protect your budget

You can review, communicate, and cooperate in a digital and interactive visual environment with your project team. Everyone can perform at a higher level with access to real-time information. You can now, validate and optimize your project plan years before you start on site.  With SYNCHRO 4D, you can save time and money when you identify scheduling problems in advance of the work. You can rely on data that is secure, up-to-date, and accessible from a range of devices based on roles and permissions.

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Focus on Safety

Understand all the potential risks before you start building. Deploy the right capabilities for the job by leveraging custom features. And ensure better collaborate and engagement with entire team, inviting supply chain participation.

Connect Between Office and Field

You can extend the value of your 4D model into field workflows for status checks, work planning, review, and inspections within the SYNCHRO portfolio. With connected applications and workflows, your project team can review, validate, and communicate in one complete digital and interactive visual environment that includes documents, forms, and models.

Enable Digital Twins

Leverage SYNCHRO 4D, powered by Bentley’s iTwin technology, to provide stakeholders access to the 4D construction models as a single source of truth. You can navigate and author construction models from gathered design models. The application also features best-in-class interoperability with a variety of third-party modeling and scheduling capabilities.

Large-scale Model Performance

SYNCHRO 4D is interoperable with all major BIM and scheduling formats and works from any device, with any size model.

Real-time Project Teamwork

SYNCHRO 4D enables supply chain participation with real-time data exchange. You can have collaborative workflows based on project roles and permissions.

Project to Portfolio Analytics

Get access to metrics for real-time visibility into progress and problem areas. With SYNCHRO 4D, you get automated reporting.



2.8GHz Dual Core minimum; 3.33GHz Dual Core recommended; 4.0GHZ Quad Core enterprise specification; only 64-bit (x64) processors are supported.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (all editions); only 64-bit (x64) operating systems are supported


16 GB minimum; 32 GB recommended; 64 GB enterprise specification

Disk Space

1.3 GB for installation files, 1.0 GB for each project file (typical); Solid State Drive recommended providing enough storage space (500 GB+)

Graphics card

1 GB (DirectX compatible) minimum; 2 GB recommended; 4 GB (NVIDIA with CUDA support) enterprise specification


1280×1024 minimum; 1920×1080 recommended; 2560×1600 or 2560×1440 enterprise specification; dual monitors recommended

Network connectivity

Network connectivity required for license activation and workgroup operation with SYNCHRO Workgroup Project

Input device

Mouse with scroll wheel


Stay nimble and lower costs

We have bundled a 12-month license for trusted Bentley software with customizable training from experts and call it our Virtuoso Subscription. With lower upfront costs and flexible support options, businesses of all sizes can now compete with the industry's heavy hitters.


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