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Structural analysis and design software

  • Design and analyze industrial plants, buildings, and more
  • Produce automated documentation
  • Integrate structural workflows for steel or concrete projects

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Perform comprehensive analysis and design for any structure

Structural WorkSuite is the most comprehensive structural analysis software bundle. It includes a variety of STAAD and RAM software in a single, cost-effective license. 

Structural WorkSuite includes the following interoperable software
  • STAAD.Pro Advanced
  • STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
  • STAAD Foundation Advanced
  • RAM Structural System
  • RAM Concept (including post-tensioning)
  • RAM Connection and RAM Elements
  • iTwin Analytical Synchronizer and Microstran.Advanced
Applications you can count on

Structural WorkSuite is a special software license that consolidates numerous individually priced applications into a single package. Structural WorkSuite allows organizations to simplify their software portfolio and leverage Bentley’s multi-product interoperability capabilities at the same time. By combining the strengths of multiple products included in the Structural WorkSuite, organizations on tight budgets can take advantage of complete design workflows rather than remaining stuck using partial workflows caused by limitations or inefficiencies that might affect any single application.

Structural WorkSuite allows organizations to design in virtually any infrastructure sector. Examples of project types that are well-suited for Structural WorkSuite include:

  • Industrial structures and facilities
  • Multistory concrete or steel buildings
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings
  • Water, wastewater, and environmental structures

Whether your project consists of multiple materials, such as a mix of steel, concrete, and masonry components, or requires an advanced analysis method, such as a nonlinear time history analysis or comprehensive long-term concrete deflection analysis, Structural WorkSuite offers a solution. Structural WorkSuite also includes access to the high-powered design and optimization features that are available through Bentley’s Analytical Cloud Services. STAAD’s Scenario Services allows users to compare the performance of different design alternatives built in different models and validate results in a given model using multiple versions of STAAD.Pro. RAM Concept PT Optimization saves post-tensioned concrete designers hours of engineering time using intelligent search algorithms that converge to an optimal design that satisfies design criteria and minimizes material and labor costs.

Structural WorkSuite helps eliminate concerns about product-by-product license availability. Each Structural WorkSuite user can employ all applications within the software package, including multiple instances of applications. There are no extra fees or licenses required for sharing data between Bentley’s structural products. Using Structural WorkSuite, designers can create custom design workflows by selecting specific applications that are best suited for a specific project, design responsibility, and user skill set or preference. The Structural WorkSuite Hub application provides an easy way for users to install, update, and launch all of the products included in Structural WorkSuite. This ensures users are always using the latest released versions of each product and are taking full advantage of Structural WorkSuite.

Multi-Discipline Design

The value of Structural WorkSuite extends beyond the structural design team. Through Bentley’s iTwin Analytical Synchronizer, designers can transfer data among Structural WorkSuite applications, integrate with modeling applications, such as OpenBuildings Designer, Revit, and Tekla, and even link with other industry applications, such as AutoPIPE for pipe stress and SACS for offshore design. The Analytical iTwin framework also gives users the ability to compare, merge, and revert to previous model iterations over the course of the project. 


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Business Benefits
  • Access to virtually all STAAD and RAM applications
  • Complete design workflows, including multidiscipline solutions
  • Improve interoperability to streamline efficiency
  • Simplified billing
  • Unlimited product access for each user
  • Access to Bentley’s Analytical Cloud Services
Analysis and Design Features
  • Exhaustive design code fulfillment for virtually all types of structures, materials, and national standards
  • Advanced analysis capabilities: response spectrum, time history, pushover, construction stage analysis, buckling, and more
  • Specialty analysis capabilities: nonlinear cable analysis, drift control for building structures, long-term load history deflection of concrete floors, vibration of steel and concrete floors
  • Design of steel, concrete, timber, masonry, and cold-formed steel structures
  • Design and detailing of steel connections
  • Design and detailing of specialty concrete components, such as water tanks, concrete stairs, and tilt-up concrete walls
  • Detailed analysis and design reports
  • Exported CAD drawings of framing plans, elevations, and schedules
  • Compatible with the Bentley iTwin platform
  • Compatible with OpenBuildings Designer, Revit, Tekla, AutoPIPE, SACS, and others
  • Access to Bentley’s Analytical Cloud Services: STAAD Scenario Services and RAM Concept PT Optimization

Intel Pentium or AMD processor 2.0 GHz or greater

Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 or 7 32 or 64 bit OS


1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended. Additional memory potentially improves performance, particularly when working with larger models. 4 GB or more can help speed up solutions for very large complex models with large numbers of load cases.

Disk Space

Requirements will vary depending on the modules you are installing. A typical minimum is 500 MB free space.


Graphics card and monitor with 1280×1024 resolution, 256 color display (16-bit high color recommended.) A sound card and speakers are needed for the tutorial movies and slide shows.


Stay nimble and lower costs

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