Reality Modeling WorkSuite

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Create, share, and consume high quality 3D reality models

  • Create, share and consume with one solution
  • Generate engineering-ready geometrical models
  • Produce 3D meshes with high quality texture
  • Automate 3D mesh generation workflow

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Add reliable, up-to-date reality data to all your projects

The Reality Modeling WorkSuite is a sales bundle that offers you access to Bentley’s most popular reality modeling applications iTwin Capture Modeler and Reality Data Management, at a discounted price. Reality capture through 3D photogrammetry or laser scanning can be difficult. Save time with Bentley’s solutions and continually produce high-fidelity 3D reality models.

End-to-end solution for adding digital context to your projects

Bentley’s reality modeling software can handle any size, and from many sources including point cloud, imagery, textured 3D mesh, and traditional GIS resources. You can integrate and combine all your reality data into one single digital context. Easily visualize and navigate 3D mapping data real-time in full 2D and 3D. Take advantage of automated measurements and extract features for asset inventory, terrain creation, and asset verification and attribution. Add real-world context throughout the lifecycle of projects in design, construction, and operations.

The Reality Modeling WorkSuite sales bundle includes iTwin Capture Modeler and Reality Data Management.

iTwin Capture Modeler

Produce 3D models of existing conditions for infrastructure projects, derived from photographs and/or point clouds. These highly detailed, 3D reality meshes provide precise real-world context for design, construction, and operations decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project. Develop precise reality meshes affordably with less investment of time and resources in specialized acquisition devices and associated training. You can easily produce 3D models using photos taken with an ordinary camera and/or LiDAR point clouds captured with a laser scanner, resulting in fine details, sharp edges, and geometric accuracy.  Dramatically reduce processing time with the ability to run two iTwin Capture Modeler instances in parallel on a single project.

  • Multiple camera project management
  • Multi-camera rig
  • Visible field
  • Infrared/thermal imagery
  • Videos
  • Laser point cloud
  • Surface constraints: imported from 3rd party or automatically detected using AI
  • Metadata file import
  • EXIF
Calibration / Aerotriangulation (AT)
  • Automatic calibration / AT / bundle adjustment
  • Parallelization ability on iTwin Capture Modeler
  • Project size limitation
  • Control points management
  • Block management for large AT
  • Quality report
  • Laserscan/photo automatic registration
  • Splats display mode
  • GEOCS management
  • Georeferencing of generated results
  • QR-Codes, April tags, and Chili tags: Ground control points automation
  • Tiling
  • Parallel processing possible on two computers
  • GPU based
  • Multi-GPU processing based on Vulkan (optional)
  • Background processing
  • Scripting language support / SDK
  • Touch-up capabilities (export/reimport of OBJ/DGN)
    • 3D Mesh and orthophoto integrated touch-up capabilities
    • 3D mesh and orthophoto touch-up capabilities through third party application
  • Orthophoto visualization
  • DEM / DSM visualization
  • DTM extraction
  • Cross-sections
  • Contour lines (with Scalable Terrain Model)
  • Point cloud filtering and classification
  • Modeling feature
  • Support of streamed reality meshes
  • Create scalable mesh from terrain data
  • Volume calculation
Output and Interoperability
  • Multiresolution mesh (3MX, 3SM and Cesium 3D Tiles)
  • Bentley DGN (mesh element)
  • 3D CAD Neutral formats (OBJ, FBX)
  • KML export (mesh)
  • Esri I3S / I3P
  • Other 3D GIS formats (SpacEyes, LOD Tree, OSGB)
  • 3D PDF
  • AT result export (camera calibration and photo poses)
  • DEM / DSM generation
  • True orthophoto generation
  • Blockwise color equalization
  • Point cloud (LAS, LAZ, and POD)
  • Input data resolution texture mode
  • AT quality report
  • Animations (fly-through video generation)
  • QR code: 3D spatial registration of assets
  • Free iTwin Capture Desktop Viewer
  • Web viewing
Measurement and Analysis
  • Distances and positions
  • Volumes and surfaces
  • Input data resolution
  • Photo-navigation tool
  • Upload to Reality Data Management
  • Reality mesh streaming from Reality Data Management
  • Associate to CONNECT project
  • CONNECT Advisor
Reality Data Management

Reality Data Management is a cloud service for storing, managing, and sharing reality data. Better collaborate when you share visuals of the 3D reality mesh with your teams. Reality Data Management, a cloud-based service, extends Bentley’s ProjectWise connected data environment to securely manage, share, and stream reality meshes, and their input sources, across project teams and applications increasing team productivity and collaboration. It enables you to stream large amounts of reality modeling data without the need for high-end hardware or complex IT infrastructure. Reality Data Management is accessible through Bentley’s software applications, such as MicroStation, Bentley Descartes, and much more.  UAV companies, surveying, and engineering firms leveraging reality modeling in-house can quickly access their 3D reality meshes generated with the iTwin Capture Modeler.

Collaborate in real time
  • Capture and share real-time changes; collaborate on latest documents anywhere and anytime over mobile and desktop devices.
Connect project participants through an instant-on cloud service
  • Use a secure cloud-based portal to work from any location and gain built-in data backup and recovery, without needing to install or maintain any software. Connect your entire supply chain with ease, using the secure platform to efficiently collaborate without opening your firewall.
Find documents quickly
  • Access your latest files and favorite content based on your requirements for accurate document retrieval.
Employ trusted file sharing
  • Eliminate the redundancy and confusion often caused by documents stored on multiple sites and with different applications.
Put files in a project context
  • Create and manage file sharing with user, workgroup, and team folder structures.
iTwin Capture Modeler

8 GB of RAM, NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU, Microsoft Windows 10/11 (64 bit) or Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 (64 bit)


64 GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPU, Intel 9-4.0GHz CPU, Microsoft Windows 10/11 (64 bit) or Microsoft Windows Server 2012/2016/2019 (64 bit)

Browser Compatibility

Edge, Chrome, Firefox


Stay nimble and lower costs

We have bundled a 12-month license for trusted Bentley software with customizable training from experts and call it our Virtuoso Subscription. With lower upfront costs and flexible support options, businesses of all sizes can now compete with the industry's heavy hitters.


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