ProjectWise Engineer Virtuoso Subscription

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Desktop work-in-progress and coordination software

  • Seamlessly collaborate with clients and project owners
  • Securely exchange information and submit designs in client/owner's ProjectWise environment
  • Adhere to workspace, project and industry standards
  • Avoid rework and shorten approval cycles

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Collaborate on infrastructure design projects

ProjectWise Engineer Virtuoso Subscription provides you with access to industry-leading software for design coordination and collaboration. Work together with clients and project owners to access and submit designs, accelerate approval cycles, reduce friction and potential errors, and adhere to project standards- all in a common environment.

Accelerate design coordination and collaboration

Engineers can spend as much as 40% of their days looking for and validating specific information. Drive greater productivity and reduce wasted time by making it simple to find and share the latest CAD and geospatial content, project data, and business documents from a single, managed repository.

Seamlessly work together with clients and project owners

Collaborate with clients, subcontractors, and any other project participants quickly and easily. Remove collaborative barriers by seamlessly connecting to a secure, centralized environment, readily accessible to all project participants.

Increase consistency and shorten approval cycles

Working against outdated information can lead to rework and errors, while disjointed approval cycles can cause delays and open you to risk. Ensure your team is always working against the latest information and automating key approval workflows in a single system.

Integrated Modeling and Documentation Workflows with CONNECT Edition

  • Work in a common environment for comprehensive project delivery
  • Access learning, communities, and project information
  • Share personal files including i-models and PDFs directly from the desktop with other users

Collaborate with Multi-discipline Teams and Remove Geographic and Technology Boundaries

  • Find and reuse project information, engineering data, and communications
  • Share files securely among different organizations

Improve Project Quality

  • Avoid lost data, versioning issues, and delays from email, FTP, and other unmanaged exchanges
  • Create and manage engineering work-in-progress with increased reliability and traceability
  • Reduce risk of unauthorized access and eliminate redundant data with project information management
  • Integrate CAD design applications
  • Make documents available in multiple formats
  • Index documents and engineering components
  • Find documents and content using powerful search capabilities
  • Create and manage file versions
  • Track what happens to a document throughout its lifecycle
  • Manage all reference files and relationships
  • Query all references attached to a DGN/DWG file directly from ProjectWise Engineer
  • Find all files that reference any given drawing file
  • Automatically access all attached reference files when the master CAD file is checked out

Navigate Project Data by Spatial Location

  • Find information related to a geographic area using an intuitive map interface
  • Define an area of interest and view all associated information including drawings, documents, and photos for that area in a spatial index
  • Security, workflows, and relationships remain intact
  • Navigate project data by spatial location

Create and Manage Project, CAD, and Industry Standards

  • Adhere to workflows, as well as CAD and ISO standards, including ISO 19650
  • Adhere to file naming standards for all ProjectWise documents
  • Associate project workspaces to project folders
  • Support for MicroStation Workspaces and AutoCAD profiles to maintain CAD standards
The system requirements for ProjectWise Engineer Virtuoso Subscription is as follows:
  • 1 GHz x64 processor or better; 1 GB of RAM minimum, additional RAM recommended for adequate streaming of point cloud and raster references; 1.1 GB of free hard disk space for installation, additional space for the working directory (depending on the number and size of files) if the user’s working directory will be on this computer
  • Windows operating system:
    • Windows 10;
    • Windows 8.1
  • Windows networking configured for the TCP/IP protocol (IPv4 or IPv6)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher;  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 for Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign integration
  • Microsoft Excel – for ProjectWise Export/Import Tool
  • Internet Explorer
  • (Optional) A supported application (see list of applications below)
  • Revit integration requirements (if using these advanced integration features):
    • eTransmit for Revit
    • i-model Plug-in for Revit
    • a PDF printer:
      • Adobe PDF printer (versions 10, 11, DC);
      • Bluebeam PDF (Bluebeam Revu 2017 or 2018.3, Standard Edition);
      • PDF-XChange printer (version 6.0 or 7.0);
      • novaPDF (version 8 or 9);
      • Foxit Reader (version 9.x)
    • CONNECTION Client – gets installed automatically if not already installed
    • Requires a license


Stay nimble and lower costs

We have bundled a 12-month license for trusted Bentley software with customizable training from experts and call it our Virtuoso Subscription. With lower upfront costs and flexible support options, businesses of all sizes can now compete with the industry's heavy hitters.


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