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Roadway design software

  • Design in context of reality
  • Reuse design elements
  • Model design intent
  • Integrate across disciplines

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Perform conceptual designs during the preliminary and planning stages

OpenRoads ConceptStation is a road network conceptual design software. It allows you to rapidly create conceptual designs during the preliminary and planning stages of your infrastructure projects. The software lets you quickly jump-start your project and improve the decision-making process with roadway and bridge design capabilities. Intelligently model road and land development in context using real-world data and cost analysis to improve your project results.

Create conceptual designs

You can create multiple design scenarios with associated costs to make better decision and optimize road and bridge designs. Quickly load your historical bid tabulations to ensure realistic cost information to help determine the best alternative to move forward into detailed design.

Draw road and bridge designs

Easily draw roads, ramps, bridges, guardrails, streetlights, and more with engineering-friendly drawing capabilities. You can ensure industry standards are adhered to in your design.

Incorporate contextual information

Model in a real-world setting when you locate and download data-rich context information. Easily import data from your GIS to create intelligent 3D models letting you jump-start your conceptual design process.

Render in real-time with cinematic quality

Easily communicate with stakeholders using stunning photo-realistic visualizations.  In just seconds, you can access a dynamic immersive visualization engine platform to create natural looking light and shadows, real-time global illumination, IES point and spotlights, lens flares, and luminous materials. Interactively adjust time of day, add lens flares, and apply depth of field while benefiting from highly accurate reflections, anti-aliasing, and motion blur.

Transition conceptual design to detailed design

Improve your workflow and move your optimized conceptual design to the detailed design phase in OpenRoads Designer while maintaining geometric integrity. This helps you to accelerate project delivery and deliver better design quality.

Design Bridges

  • Place bridges
  • Simple two clicks bridge placement
  • Number of supports automatically determined from the bridge length
  • Can set girder type, support type, abutment type, wing walls
    • Can set bridge deck template
    • Superelevation determined automatically (Method 5)
  • Edit bridges
    • Simple editing of Horizontal and Vertical
    • Change girder type, support type, abutment type, wing walls
    • Change number of spans/supports, number of girder
    • Rotate supports, move/skew abutment

Design Intersections

  • Place intersections
    • Simple placement
    • First roads selected sets the elevation of the additional roads
    • Default radius and taper
    • Default intersection marking
  • Edit intersections
    • Modification of taper length and offset
    • Modification of radius

Design Ramps

  • Place ramps
    • Connects two roads with the desired alignment
    • Automatic auxiliary lane creation based on design speed
    • Default taper length, taper width design radius, gore radius
    • Default marking
  • Edit ramps
    • Modification of taper length, taper width design radius, gore radius
  • Ramp Designer

Design Roads

  • Place roads
    • Follows AASHTO standards; class, design speed, default curve radius
    • Best fit existing ground vertically
    • Template (typical cross-section) based approach
    • Super elevation determined automatically (Method 5)
    • Named Roads
  • Editing of horizontal alignment
    • Insert PI, delete PI, move PI
    • Edit curve radius graphically or precisely using heads-up text editing
  • Editing of vertical alignment
    • Insert PVI, Delete PVI, Move PVI
    • Edit vertical curve length and slope graphically or precisely using heads-up text editing
  • Template drop editing
    • Easy editing of template drops, editing transition stationing
  • Roundabouts design
  • Tunnels design

Estimate Cost and Quantities

  • Project cost overview
    • High level overall design cost
    • Includes allowance by default
  • Detailed quantities/cost, listing cost items, and associated quantities

Bridge Deck Templates

  • Create New Template
    • Easy component-based creation
    • Specialized road template with different components adapted to the bridges
    • Component material determines quantities and cost
  • Mange template
    • Duplicate, Delete, Copy/Paste, Rename
  • Modify template
    • Save change as a copy
    • Modify the design

Roadway Template

  • Create new template
    • Easy component based creation

Lane Marking

  • Lane marking automatically created
  • Edit lane marking
    • Change the lane marking for the full road
    • Change the lane marking for portion of the road independently of the road template itself

Pavement Marking

  • Ability to place punctual pavement marking, like turn arrows, etc.
  • Ability to place linear pavement marking such as crosswalk

Place City Furniture

  • Place and edit guardrails, streetlights, and other city furniture
    • Choose what symbol to use
    • Set offset from alignment
    • Set angle from alignment

Assemble Context Data

  • Import the following file types:
    • Terrain Models (.DTM, .TIN)
    • Raster DEM (.IMG, .DEM)
    • Images (Ingr. TIFF / GEOTIFF (*.tif; *.tiff), Internet TIFF and TIFF64 (*.Itiff; *.itiff64), JPEG (*.Jpg; *.jpeg; *.jpe; *.jfif), JPEG 2000 (*.jp2; *.j2k; *.jpm), MrSID (*.sid), ERMapper Compressed Wavelets (*.ecw)
    • GIS (SHP, Esri File Geodatabase, OpenStreetMap), can be mapped to ConceptStation objects and attributes
    • Filter based on project extent, view, all, fence
    • DGN as read-only
  • Reference Reality Meshes (.3MX) from Bentley ContextCapture
  • Reality Data Services
    • 3D data (Terrain, Imagery, Roads, Hydro, Buildings)

Aerial Imageries

  • Bing Map as images provider


  • LumenRT Designer

Interoperability with Detailed Civil Design

  • Export to OpenRoads
    • Export ALG, IRD, ITL, RWK
    • Supports geometry, template, template drop transition, superelevation

Intel Pentium-based or AMD Athlon-based processor 2.0 GHz or greater.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x 64


16 GB minimum (more memory typically results in better performance)

Disk Space

9 GB minimum free disk space (which includes the 5.6 GB install footprint for a complete installation)

Input Devices

Mouse or digitizing tablet (Digitizing tablet requires vendor-supplied WINTAB driver or Bentley’s Digitizer Tablet Interface, the latter included with OpenRoads Designer installation.)


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