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3D plant design software

  • Deliver integrated designs with piping, equipment, and supports
  • Reuse and share data across various applications
  • Perform 3D clash detection
  • Incorporate real-world context with point clouds

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Create and manage 3D plant designs

OpenPlant Modeler is a 3D plant design and modeling software that enables you to accurately and rapidly perform 3D plant designs of any size. Using OpenPlant Modeler, your project team can work remotely on the go or in a connected environment via ISO 15926 or iModels. OpenPlant Modeler supports many data types such as DGN, DWG, JT, point clouds, and PDFs so that your design and review process remains flexible.

Maximize productivity

Exchange information between OpenPlant and other plant design software, supplier databases and any applications using ISO 15926 and reuse existing designs, models, and data to get started on projects quickly.


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Open Data Model

  • Uses ISO 15926 as the intrinsic data model
  • Exchange data among applications using iModels
  • Industry-leading interoperability
  • Reference in iModels from heterogeneous systems including PDS, SP3D, and PDMS, to create complete plant models
  • Publish plant models via iModels to Navigator for clash resolution, and ConstructSim for construction simulation and WorkFace Planning
  • Export to a wide range of formats such as DGN, DWG, DXF, IGES, CGM, STL, SVG, OBJ, U3D, and many more
  • Import to formats including IGES, Parasolids, ACIS SAT, CGM, Step AP203/AP214, STL, Terrain Model Land XML, and CAD files

Ease of Use

  • Leverages powerful MicroStation graphical user interface capabilities
  • New streamlined and intuitive ribbon interface
  • Provides for automatic data validation and connectivity
  • Allows quick and easy copying of reusable design information
  • Enables faster and more intelligent editing and modification of designs

Reality Modeling Support

  • Reference point clouds directly in 3D models
  • Interact with point clouds using Descartes within OpenPlant Modeler

Reuseable Catalogs and Specifications

Save time with easy checks and piping catalogs
Check for consistency by reading OpenPlant PID and supplied P&IDs and ensure that your model matches requirements needed for contractual and regulatory compliance. You can also save time by either working with OpenPlant’s catalog and specification capabilities or read piping catalogs and specifications from PDS, AutoPLANT and PlantSpace.

  • Take advantage of support for EN, DIN, and other enhanced catalogs to support European design standards Create piping specifications from scratch or by editing example specifications
  • Access AWWA standard fittings to speed water/wastewater projects
  • Access Lindab standard HVAC components
  • Import specifications from AutoPLANT, PlantSpace Design Series, or PDS
  • Define automatic bend, flange, and branch selections

Component Features

  • Task-based menu that groups like components together (piping, equipment, cable tray)
  • Element manipulators that provide easy editing
  • Automatic placement of fittings
  • Alignment to intersection with other components
  • Ability to insert from any point on a component (such as branch, center, or run of a tee)
  • Ability to change size and or specification of individual components or entire line

Project Workspaces

  • Shares centrally managed catalogs and specifications
  • Leverage Connected Projects, workspaces and workset concepts

Material Reporting

  • Enables powerful queries that allow selection by any property or field
  • New reporting capability with easy to customize interface
  • Ability to define reports via OpenPlant Project Administrator

Clash Detection

  • Provides the ability to run clash detection in the active design session
  • Publish Design Files to ProjectWise Share
  • Exchange files of any size quickly through a centralized, easy-to-use platform
  • Allow designated project participants to easily access project deliverables without opening your firewall
  • Discover up-to-date files readily by organizing them in an intuitive, project-based context
  • Reduce disruptions to your workflows via integration with other select Bentley design applications

Intel or AMD processor 1.0 GHz or greater. OpenPlant PID is not supported on a CPU that does not support SSE2.

Operating System

Windows 11 & 10, Windows Server 2012/2008

Software Prerequisites

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications core, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications localized. Microsoft Internet Explorer, minimum v11.0, with 128-bit cipher strength. Microsoft no longer supports any versions prior to v11.0. Internet Explorer is not installed as part of the product pre-requisites.


4 GB minimum, 16 GB recommended

Disk Space

12 GB minimum, 12-22 GB depending additional installations such as Companion Feature and Companion Product.

Graphics Card

See the graphics card manufacturer for latest information on DirectX drivers. 512 MB of video RAM or higher is recommended. If insufficient video RAM or no graphics card supported by DirectX can be found, OpenPlant PID attempts to use software emulation. For optimal performance, graphics display color depth should be set to 24-bit or higher. When using a color depth setting of 16-bit, some inconsistencies will be noted.


Stay nimble and lower costs

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