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Flood modeling and risk management software

  • Assess and mitigate urban, riverine, and coastal flooding
  • Build and manage hydraulic models
  • Calculate and analyze flood inundation areas
  • Add real-world context, animation, and visualization

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Model and simulate extreme events using accurate and reliable flood risk analysis data

FLOOD is flood modeling software for analyzing and mitigating flood risk in urban, riverine, and coastal areas. Using spatially distributed numerical models, users can quickly simulate all hydrological and hydraulic processes to support emergency planning and green-initiative design. Apply a multi-scale 1D/2D approach to support flood early warning systems (FEWS).

Mitigate urban flooding

Urban flooding poses risks to residents, damages property and infrastructure, and disrupts urban services. Create efficient solutions that increase the resilience of urban drainage systems and implement mitigation measures, such as low-impact development and green initiatives. Mitigate these issues by producing detailed simulations to identify bottlenecks and hotspots that hinder the capacity of stormwater drainage systems.

Prevent riverine flooding

Calculate river flow to understand, evaluate, and optimize reservoir operations to minimize and prevent damages from riverine floods. Design and improve emergency structures and outline flood-resilient land use strategies, all within a climate change context. Simulate the exchange of water between the river flow and (sub)surface flow based on hydraulic gradients. Produce inundation maps, flood risk maps, and hazard maps that address riverine flows, river defense capacity, and large-scale land use changes. Estimate the drainage network from topographic maps and to interpolate cross sections in space.

Model coastal flooding

Coastal flooding can be caused by high tides, storm surges, and tsunamis, sometimes in combination with insufficient urban drainage capacity or high upstream river flows. Dynamically model complex array of processes related to coastal flooding to find accurate solutions for defining and improving storm surge and tsunami protection plans. 

Analyze flood inundation areas

Calculate the extent of flooded areas and estimate the flood hazard based on water column heights and peak flow velocities. Easily integrate models generated with OpenFlows SewerGEMS to simulate surface and stormwater flow. Create scenarios and make comparisons among different alternatives to rapidly find the best solution for flood risk mitigation.

Add real-world context, animation, and visualization

Explore and present model results using a wide range of integrated visualization capabilities, including the option to make smooth, continuous animations of the obtained results. Help stakeholders better understand the risks and impacts of flooding events and potential mitigation actions with integrated 3D reality models. Bring simulations to life by generating realistic visualizations of flood events using LumenRT.

Build and manage hydraulic models

Leverage and import many well-known external data formats to maximize ROI on geospatial and engineering data. Jumpstart the model building process and manage models effectively to keep focus on making the best engineering decisions.


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Areas of Application

  • Rivers
  • Estuaries
  • Coastal areas
  • Cities and urban drainage systems
  • Cities and urban drainage systems
  • Critical infrastructure and industrial facilities

Flood Simulation

  • Heavy rainfall and storm events
  • Soil water saturation
  • Dam breaks
  • Levee or dike breach
  • Inefficient urban drainage capacity
  • Storm surge
  • Tsunamis
  • Sea level rise
  • Exceptionally high tides (king tides)


  • 2D overland flow
  • 1D river/open channel bidirectional flow
  • 1D pipe flow model (OpenFlows SewerGEMS/ SWMM solvers)
  • 1D river and 1D pipe coupling with 2D overland flow
  • 3D subsurface flow
  • Adaptive variable time step
  • Extended period simulations
  • Kinematic, diffusion, and dynamic wave (St. Venant equations) approaches
  • Multiple point discharges input
  • Multiple open boundary conditions
  • Infiltration methods: Green-Ampt and SCS Curve number
  • Dynamic simulation of surface and groundwater interaction
  • Robust, accurate, and fast numerical solvers
  • OpenMP parallel processing technology


  • Spatially and temporally variable precipitation
  • Automatic separation of precipitation into snow and rainfall
  • Multiple evapotranspiration methods
  • Water uptake by vegetation roots
  • Precipitation interception by vegetation


  • Import Bentley TIN format digital terrain model files
  • Direct import of ContextCapture 3D digital terrain models
  • Output formats compatible with LumenRT
  • Support for GDAL Raster formats (ARC, ADF, TIFF, etc.)
  • Support for EsriShapefile format
  • Support for WKT format
  • Export to KML Google Earth format
  • Automatic import of NASA DTM database (worldwide)
  • Native output format seamlessly supported by LumenRT 3D visualization tool

Environmental Processes

  • Fecal contamination dispersion
  • Biochemical oxygen demand
  • Transport and dispersion of dissolved and particulate matter
  • Sediment transport via erosion or deposition
  • Splash erosion
  • Advanced water quality and water pollution modeling engine: transport, dispersion, and transformation of water quality properties, nutrients, and pollutants Graphical Interface and Visualization
  • Rich graphical user Windows interface
  • Map display with dynamic zooming and navigation
  • Multiple background layer support in Bing
  • Dynamic multiparameter and multiscenario graphing
  • Property-based color coding and symbology
  • Surface water flow direction displayed across any terrain
  • Automatic input and result fields filtering
  • Automated flood and hazard mapping
  • User-defined cross-section flow visualization
  • Node and time series data and results visualization
  • Multiple layout templates
  • Static and dynamic outputs

Model Building

  • Automatic coupling between 2D overland flow and OpenFlows SewerGEMS or SWMM 1D drainage network models
  • Automatic generation of inlets from buildings and streets
  • Dam break outflow hydrograph generation tools
  • Build and manage hydraulic models
  • Create and edit geographical data layers (points, lines, polygons)
  • Computational grid generation
  • Digital terrain model generation, processing, and editing
  • Various 2D spatial interpolation methods
  • Digital terrain model depression removal capability
  • Automatic watershed and drainage network delineation
  • Automatic computation of watershed areas, slopes, and flow direction
  • Automatic construction of default cross-sections (Strahler order, drained area)
  • Irregular cross-sections support
  • Cross-section editing capability
  • Spatially variable data processing capabilities
  • Automatic generation of curve numbers from land cover data
  • Automatic generation of Manning coefficients
  • Spatial and temporal interpolation capabilities for rain gauge networks
  • Automatic generation of meteorological data from models and re-analysis databases

Simulation and Scenario Management

  • Load and process models
  • Restart simulations
  • Unlimited scenarios and alternatives
  • Comprehensive scenario management
  • Scenario comparison

1.8 GHz or faster


2 GB or more

Display Color Depth

32 bits

Display Resolution

1280 x 1024 or higher

Disk Space

900 MB


Windows 8, 10, Server or later, Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7 or later


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