SACS Pile Structure Design

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Pile structure interaction design software

  • Automate offshore structural workflows
  • Calculate soil liquefaction
  • Model foundations using super elements
  • Model soil strata and properties

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Reduce risk of failure for offshore structure foundations

SACS Pile Structure Design is a pile structure interaction design software for nonlinear analysis of soil, pile, and structure interactions to reduce the risk of fatigue. SACS Pile Structure Design helps accelerate workflows by providing fully coupled analysis.

Add this module to any SACS Offshore Structure version, and users can perform nonlinear analysis of soil, pile, and structure interactions to reduce the risk of fatigue. Understanding the response of oil, gas, or wind turbine platforms to cyclic environmental or mechanical loads provides the ability to create safer foundations. The easy-to-use environment—which is fully integrated with SACS Offshore Structure—expedites the creation of high-quality designs that comply with international design codes. Designs created with SACS Pile Structure Design helps accelerate workflows by providing fully coupled analysis.

Automate offshore structural workflows

Customizable templates within a common structural model make it easier to manage multiple analyses. Automatically pass data from one analysis step to another using industry-standard methodologies. These automated workflows simplify managing large and complex models, which encourage your team to explore more design alternatives.

Increase the safety of your structures

SACS Pile Structure Design enables you to assess the capacity of the soil on which you are building, to withstand operating and extreme structural loads. Model behavior for axial, lateral, and torsional loads at the pilehead with nonlinear load-deflection curves. In seismic zones, use the software to account for reduced soil capacity due to liquefaction.


Accurately model coupling effects
The ability to automatically generate foundation super elements helps users efficiently create designs for dynamic analysis. Super elements provide the ability to quickly linearize piled foundations, then model the effect of displacements and rotations with a fully coupled 6×6 matrix for each pile group.

  • Precede Graphical Modeler
  • Datagen Intelligent Editor
  • Gap Elements
  • Superelements
  • Seastate Wave, Wind, Current
  • Buoyancy, Mud flow
  • Gravity, Inertial
  • Skid, Moving
  • SACS IV Solver
  •  Large Deflection (LDF)
  • PSI Pile/Structure Analysis
  • Liquefaction
  • Wind Turbine Analysis
  • Dynpac Modal Analysis
  • Collapse
  • Collapse Advanced
  • Combine Solution Files
  • Post Offshore Code Design
  • Concrete Design
  • Postvue Graphical Redesign
  • Joint Can
  • Interactive Fatigue
  • Dynamic Fatigue
  • Wave Fatigue
Isolated 3D Pile Analysis
  • Beam column and pile batter effects included
  • Uses PSI soil data
  • Optional pile head springs
  • Specify force at or below pile head
  • Specify pile head displacements
  • Specified pile head forces or displacements
  • Automatic generation of linear equivalent pile stubs for dynamic or static analysis
  • Soil liquefaction effects
  • Same plotting and code check features as PSI

CPU: Pentium 4 or higher

Operating System
Windows 8/8.1, 10, 11

RAM: Minimum 2 GB–SACS performance is dependent on model size and resources available

Hard Disk
Minimum 10 GB partition for SACS installation recommended

Graphics card with a chipset that supports Open GL

A network connection is required. 100 Base-T or greater local area ethernet network TCP/IP network protocol is supported

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