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Marine vessel analysis and design software

  • Assess vessel compliance
  • Model marine vessels
  • Optimize vessel design

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Design, analyze, and optimize a range of marine vessel types. Take advantage of fast and convenient modeling of complex vessels using dynamically trimmed 3D NURB surfaces. Maxsurf enables flexible data import, mesh modeling, and automatic curve and surface fitting. It includes tools for designing power, sail, commercial, and naval vessels made from steel, aluminum, wood, or composite materials. 
Maxsurf provides you with the analysis tools to comply with the most demanding requirements and design challenges. These include probabilistic damage stability; radiation diffraction panel method motions prediction; and dynamic, time domain, and structural analysis. 

Visualize and optimize vessel designs

Maxsurf offers comprehensive capabilities for the design of all types of marine vessels. Maxsurf includes capabilities for hull modeling, stability, motions and resistance prediction, structural modeling, structural analysis, and export to vessel detailing. Maxsurf applications operate from a single parametric 3D model that facilitates smooth communication and coordination among different team members and design activities.

Single 3D Hull Model

Maxsurf applications work from a single geometry file, streamlining the design process by removing the need to create geometry files in different formats for downstream analysis programs. Changes in the hull surface flow through parametrically to compartmentation, resistance and motions hull meshes, and structural part definition.

High-quality Surfacing

Maxsurf is optimized to help naval architects create high-quality hull surfaces that are fair and can be used for all other analysis and CAD/CAM functions.

Dynamic Trimming

Surface trimming in Maxsurf is a simple point-and-click process. Maxsurf’s trimming is fully dynamic, allowing you to modify trimmed surfaces and have the trimmed portions automatically update.

Comprehensive Analysis

Maxsurf includes analysis capabilities such as intact and damage stability, longitudinal strength, structural analysis and design, resistance prediction, wake calculation, motions prediction, and a sailing VPP.

Intuitive Interface

Maxsurf’s consistent, graphical interface is easy to learn and use. Each model shares a common intuitive interface with high-quality rendering and animation to visualize analysis results.


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    • Trimmed NURB surfaces and NURB curves. Structured, triangular meshes and unstructured point data
    • Geometry exchange (including DGN, IGES, DXF, 3DM and industry-specific file formats)
    • Parametric transformation of NURB model. Fitting tools for NURB curves and surfaces
    • Automated modeling through COM
    • Hull plates; development/expansion of single- and double-curved plates. Shell Expansion plan
    • Decks; transverse frames and bulkheads; longitudinal stiffeners, girders, and bulkheads
Hydrostatic Analysis
  • Hydrostatics; GZ curve; equilibrium; specified condition, KN curves, KG limit, floodable length, longitudinal strength, tank calibration, MARPOL outflow, cross-flooding MSC.362(92)
  • Stability criteria compliance. User-customizable criteria
  • Intact stability. Damage stability with partial flooding. Spilling tanks. Fluid simulation in partially filled tanks
  • Multi-core solver. Batch analysis. Reporting. SQLite results database
  • Automated analysis through COM
  • Probabilistic damage analysis: MSC.421(98); MSC.216(82) and MSC.19(58)
Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Strip theory (heave and pitch) with forward speed, simplified estimate of roll motion
  • Significant motions, MSI, MII, and SM for specified headings, speeds, and wave spectra
  • Automated analysis through COM
  • Radiation-diffraction panel method (6 DOF, zero speed)
Hull Resistance and Sailing Performance Prediction
  • Hull resistance regression methods for monohull vessels. Velocity prediction for sailing monohull yachts
  • Slender body resistance algorithm including estimate of far-field wave pattern
  • Automated analysis through COM
Structural Analysis
  • Linear analysis of 3D structural frame and stiffened plate models
  • Nonlinear and buckling analysis of frame models
  • Beam cross-section modeler and properties calculator
  • Automated modeling and analysis through COM
  • Dynamic modal response and time history analysis
  • Design codes: national (AS4100, AS4600, NZS3404) and international (AIJ, ASD, LRFD, AISI BS5950, EC3)

CPU: Pentium 4 or higher

Operating System

Windows 8/8.1, 10, 11


RAM: Minimum 2 GB–SACS performance is dependent on model size and resources available

Hard Disk

Minimum 10 GB partition for SACS installation recommended


Graphics card with a chipset that supports Open GL


A network connection is required. 100 Base-T or greater local area ethernet network TCP/IP network protocol is supported.

For the most up-to-date system requirements, visit Bentley Communities.


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