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Geotechnical data management and reporting software

  • Report and manage subsurface data
  • Create custom subsurface data reports
  • Manage multi-project geotechnical data

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Important Notice: gINT is being replaced with OpenGround and is now in the Expiring Support phase.  Additional gINT licenses can still be purchased but we recommend having a discussion with a member of the OpenGround team in advance. Learn more in product support FAQs or contact us.

Improve subsurface data management productivity

Bentley’s gINT software provides you with centralized data management and reporting for a wide variety of geotechnical subsurface projects. gINT software helps you eliminate repetitive tasks, and redundant data entry in order to increase your productivity. gINT allows you to streamline processes, by offering data accessibility, interoperability, subsurface reporting and visualization for soil and rock, borelogs, lab tests, and more. The result? Time savings and better decision making.

Because every firm has different needs, there are three variations of gINT offered.

gINT Logs

From borehole and well logs to CPT and geophysical logs, gINT Logs can report all types of subsurface data. Reports can be customized with the inclusion of graphics, photos, bar charts, plots, site maps, legends, and more.

gINT Professional

gINT Professional builds on the data management and reporting capabilities of gINT Logs, providing enhanced interoperability and expanded report options for boring and well logs. Users can utilize the same data to create fence diagrams, graphs, tables, and virtually any other imaginable report.

gINT Professional Plus

gINT Professional Plus builds on the reporting and data management capabilities of gINT Professional, adding Microsoft SQL Server support for efficient, centralized data management and powerful multi-project reporting. gINT Professional Plus enables users to report and query subsurface data from an unlimited number of projects, standardize company methods for entering, importing, storing, and reporting data, share data with related software programs (including CAD, GIS, civil, and contouring and modeling applications) and convert projects to use the same geo-coordinate system.


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gINT Logs

  • Borehole and well log reports
  • ProjectWise integration
  • Export to MicroStation, Microsoft Excel, databases, and DXF
  • Import from Microsoft Excel and databases

gINT Professional

  • All gINT Logs capabilities plus:
  • Fence reports, graphs, summary tables, site maps, and more
  • Geotechnical lab test reports
  • gINT Civil Tools: 2D site work, 3D visualization, GIS work, Subsurface modeling, iModels
  • gINT for ArcGIS add-in
  • gINT Rules programming interface
  • Geo-coordinate conversion tool
  • All gINT Logs integrations plus:
  • Import AGS and CSV

gINT Professional Plus

  • All gINT Professional capabilities plus:
  • Multi-project database using Microsoft SQL server (Server license not included)
  • All gINT Professional integrations

gINT Logs

Subsurface Data Management and Reporting Software
gINT provides centralized data management and reporting for subsurface projects of all types. Data is entered into gINT once, and then can be used to generate multiple reports from the same data set. The software allows you to streamline processes using accessible, interoperable data.

Flexible, Powerful Data Management
gINT’s flexible, central database enables consolidation of all types of subsurface data including environmental, geophysical, petroleum, mining, and more. With all subsurface data in one central location, you can quickly create any type of subsurface report from the same data: logs, fences, and more.

Comprehensive, Customizable Reporting
gINT’s advanced reporting capabilities allow you to create virtually any type of subsurface report for field, laboratory, and interpreted data. gINT includes customizable report templates that allow unlimited depth, layers, symbols, samples, and images. Advanced report design capabilities such as conditional formatting, data manipulation, and decision making save time and help ensure consistent, standardized reporting. Free gINT report templates are also available for various countries, agencies, and organizations and readily available for download from Bentley Communities website.

Interoperability Supports Data Reuse and Efficient Workflows
gINT’s open database and numerous import and export formats support data reuse, as well as provide interoperability with other software used in the project lifecycle such as CAD, GIS, civil, and other database applications. gINT shares data with design, modeling, and analysis software.

gINT Professional

With gINT Professional you can also take advantage of:

Create Custom Fence Diagrams
gINT fence diagrams present data for multiple boreholes on a single report. Any information that can be shown on a borehole log can be displayed on a fence diagram: water levels, well information, lab data, and more. gINT fences can also display site maps, surfaces, alignments, deviated boreholes, and “drapes” with graphics that depict features in elevation along an alignment on a 2D fence report. gINT performs the appropriate projection calculations for accurate display. Fence drapes can be used to display interpreted layered geometry, seismic tests results (for example, shear wave velocities), and existing features along an alignment (rivers, bridges, buildings, roads, and more).

Ensure Consistency with Advanced Reporting
gINT’s “smart” reports allow multiple report variants to be combined, so that only one report is needed to handle diverse data conditions, simplifying reporting maintenance and ensuring reporting consistency. For example, log reports can have columns for well or water level data that only display when that data is available. Environmental reports can present data using different colors depending on such values as not tested, passed, failed, and more. Advanced report design capabilities such as conditional formatting, data manipulation, and decision making save time, and help ensure consistent, standardized reports.

Visualize Subsurface Data in ArcGIS
gINT allows users to view subsurface data directly from ArcGIS providing easy access to logs, lab data, reports, and more. The gINT for ArcGIS extension allows users to add the dimension of subsurface data to ArcGIS. Users can then generate gINT reports and query subsurface data direct from ArcMap.

Supports Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists Formats
gINT supports the data interchange formats from the U.K.’s Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS). To make working with AGS data easier, gINT provides a starting database and reports for AGS data; however, gINT’s flexibility allows users to modify their database while allowing full AGS compatibility via correspondence files. You can import, export, and validate AGS data, as well as edit AGS data directly in Microsoft Excel. gINT AGS validation goes beyond simply detecting file errors. gINT finds conditions that could compromise data quality as well as unnecessary, redundant, or missing non-critical, descriptive data. You can easily generate datastatistics for their AGS files such as the number of records in each file, hole counts by type, total drilling length, and sample type.

Design, Modeling, and Analysis Functionalities
gINT Professional users have access to gINT Civil Tools, which provides capabilities for modeling and 3D analysis. Lithology contacts and water table surfaces can be created and modified. Boreholes and subsurface observations can be displayed using different formats to enhance analysis.

gINT Professional Plus

With gINT Professional Plus you can also take advantage of:

Integrated Geotechnical Lab Testing and Reporting
With gINT Professional and gINT Professional Plus users can quickly integrate lab testing results with other subsurface data. From raw lab data, gINT can perform calculations for any of 13 different lab tests provided with the gINT installation. Once raw lab data is entered into gINT, the resulting calculations can be used on any type of report: logs, fences, tables, and more. gINT California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Concrete Testing are free applications available for download from the Bentley Communities website.

Visualize Subsurface Data in 3D
gINT Civil Tools Professional and gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus allow you to view subsurface data directly from your gINT project, in the same environment as MicroStation. Connected to a gINT database (.gpj or SQL Server), you can query the information needed and use different mapping methods to display data with different formats: depth – bottom; depth – length; and depth only. For example, lithology is displayed using Depth – Bottom or Depth – Length data while a water level uses Depth Only. The objects created in the 3D model will contain information related to the mapping of its table. You have the choice to import specific, chosen information associated with an imported table depth and/or bottom/length and identifier data into the model. This means you can import all the data in a table associated with the table, such as blow counts, lithology description, well construction remarks, lab data, and more. Three-dimensional annotation for boreholes is also available, and is independent from the view to have a comprehensive model.

Site Investigation and Drilling Plan Preparation
gINT Civil Tools provides an environment where all the required information to start a new geotechnical project can be gathered and reviewed to create a site investigation plan. Working in gINT Civil Tools Professional or gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus, you have access to geological maps, images directly from Google Earth, road plans, preliminary drawings, and more. Plans and maps can be overlaid to better understand the local environment and help plan the site investigation. To complete a site investigation plan, new points (borehole locations) can be created directly on the plan and stored in the connected gINT project to be used downstream in the project as data is collected and entered in to gINT.

Surfaces Creation for Lithology
gINT Civil Tools Professional and gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus have the capability to create surfaces for different aspect of the stored data. For example, specialized functionality gives you the ability to create a surface representing the actual ground based on boreholes’ collars. Surfaces can also be created using lithology and other subsurface observations such as water level. When a lithology is used to generate a surface, the user has the choice to create it from the top or the bottom of the lithology. These surfaces can be smoothed using a simple kriging method to create a realistic model. Visualization of lithology contacts in a 3D model help the geotechnical team plan and understand the complexity of the site earlier in the project.

Proven Subsurface Data Management and Reporting
The industry leader for over 25 years, gINT software is designed by experienced engineers who fully understand the standards and requirements that facilitate high-quality geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management and reporting. gINT delivers a full spectrum of data with flexible options to define and customize reports to best suit user preferences.

Operating System

Windows 7 (SP1 or later)
Windows 8
Windows 10


Intel Pentium-based or AMD Athlon-based PC or workstation


1 GB minimum; 2 GB recommended


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