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3D geotechnical engineering software

  • Single user-interface for conducting numerical analysis on stability and/or groundwater seepage (see description of options below)
  • Applicable to soil and rock environments for civil and mining projects
  • Seamless interoperability with Leapfrog and other external programs for quick geometry definition
  • Includes features for performing sensitivity analyses, investigating various design options, and simulating construction sequences
  • Verified against analytical and published solutions

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software. For shared licenses, please contact us.

Seequent | The Bentley Subsurface Company

Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems. Together, we’re helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it. It’s easy to purchase a Virtuoso Subscription, through Virtuosity, Bentley’s eStore, and still get the expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts.

GeoStudio 3D

GeoStudio 3D offers a range of numerical analysis tools for simulating conditions above and below the ground surface. GeoStudio 3D can be used for a range of applications including natural soil and rock slopes, regional groundwater systems, excavations and open pit mines, dewatering systems, earthen dams and levees, reinforced earth structures, and tailings storage facilities.  

Two tiers are available to meet a variety of modelling requirements. The tiers and the corresponding functionality are summarized below or download detailed product comparison. 


Analysis type 

GeoStudio 3D 

GeoStudio 3D Advanced 

Limit equilibrium slope stability 

Limit equilibrium slope stability with finite element pore waters


Steady-state and transient saturated/unsaturated groundwater seepage 


Learning and Resources 

Learning content for all GeoStudio products, including courses, example files and product manuals, is available in the Seequent Learning Portal (a free Seequent ID is required to view this content). Additional content like past webinars, how-to guides, industry insights, and new feature information are found on the GeoStudio Blog. Technical support is including when purchasing a license. Find answers to common questions or submit a support ticket in the GeoStudio Support Portal. 

GeoStudio 3D 

GeoStudio 3D (SLOPE3D) offers the foundational capability to perform Limit Equilibrium slope stability analysis for soil and rock. GeoStudio 3D offers a comprehensive list of features| including:  

  • Rigorous limit equilibrium formulation
  • Multiple analysis methods, including Morgenstern-Price and Spencer
  • Slip surface search methods including Entry-Exit and Cuckoo
  • Efficient root-finding algorithm for computing the factor of safety
  • Pore water pressure definition using piezometric lines| Ru| and B-bar
  • Partial factor formulation and limit state design support for Eurocode or Load Resistance Factor Design
  • Comprehensive material model library for soil and rock
  • Pseudo-static approach for seismic analysis 
GeoStudio 3D Advanced 

GeoStudio 3D Advanced (SLOPE3D + SEEP3D) offers all the essential capabilities of the GeoStudio 3D tier| while introducing the ability to simulate steady-state and transient groundwater flow in both saturated and unsaturated soil and rock. The additional features offered in GeoStudio 3D Advanced include:  

  • Comprehensive saturated-unsaturated formulation for steady-state or transient groundwater flow
  • Seamless integration of finite element pore-water pressure with slope stability analysis for both steady-state and transient problems
  • Rigorous under-relaxation and convergence strategies
  • Option to include isothermal vapor transfer
  • Estimation routines for hydraulic functions
  • Convenient initial pore water pressure condition definition
  • Complete range of hydraulic boundary conditions  
  • Powerful results graphing and visualization options| including isosurfaces and contouring
  • Ability to assess stability given complex pore water pressure conditions  
GeoStudio 3D includes the following:   


SLOPE3D expands on limit equilibrium capabilities by offering a practical yet sophisticated approach for capturing 3D slope failure mechanisms in both soil and rock, given a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions and soil properties. 

GeoStudio 3D Advanced includes the following:   


SLOPE3D expands on limit equilibrium capabilities by offering a practical yet sophisticated approach for capturing 3D slope failure mechanisms in both soil and rock, given a variety of slip surface shapes, pore-water pressure conditions and soil properties.  

SEEP3D is a powerful finite element software product for modeling 3D groundwater flow in porous media. SEEP3D can model simple saturated steady-state problems or sophisticated saturated / unsaturated transient analyses using the same comprehensive set of material models and boundary conditions as SEEP/W.  

Core system Requirements for 3D analyses




Operating System 


Microsoft¬Æ Windows¬Æ 11| Windows¬Æ 10. Installers require the latest Visual C++ Redistributable runtime libraries installed. 


Windows¬Æ 10 x64 



Intel¬Æ Pentium¬Æ 4 or better| or AMD Opteron‚Ñ¢ or Athlon‚Ñ¢ 64 or better (GeoStudio is optimized for multi-core Intel processors.) 


Intel¬Æ i5| i7| i9| AMD Ryzen 


System Memory 







Full HD minimum

Full HD or higher

Graphics Requirements 

2GB VRAM / DirectX 10+ support| e.g. NVIDIA GeForce| AMD Radeon minimum; For 3D features| your graphics card must support Direct3D¬Æ Feature Level 10_1 or greater.  



NVIDIA GTX 16 series| NVIDIA RTX 20 series with 4GB memory or better recommended


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