PLAXIS: Soft Ground Stabilization with PVD and Surcharge Pre-loading

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OnDemand Training

  • Visualization & formulation of soft soil model
  • Simulation of single drain response in 2D and 3D framework
  • Full scale embankment analysis in PLAXIS 2D
  • Showcase of full scale analysis in PLAXIS 3D
 Duration: 2h
 Presenter: Xing-Cheng Lin

Surcharge pre-loading in conjunction with Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD), are commonly employed as a ground improvement technique, to accelerate the potential settlement of the system over shorter periods of time before putting it into service. Join this training to learn about the relevant constitutive soil model and its formulation, as well as how to model the application in 2D and 3D framework.

Duration: 2 hours (approximately)

Presented by: Xing-Cheng Lin


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