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Geotechnical data management software

  • Increase the reusability of your data with Collaborator
  • Connect the field to the office with Collector
  • Better collaboration with fully connected workflows and standardizations with Manager
  • Reduce costs by integrating your GIS, analysis, or visualization tools with Integrator

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license of this software, that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Collect, report, manage, visualize, and analyze your data when and where you need it

Already using OpenGround? OpenGround applications allow you to collect, report, manage, visualize, analyze, and access your geotechnical data when and where you need it.

OpenGround has a collection of role-focused application bundles to customize your access that work directly with OpenGround, Bentley’s collaboration platform for geotechnical data management. Virtuosity offers these OpenGround applications, so you can collect, report, manage, visualize, analyze, and access your geotechnical data.

Note: OpenGround Cloud services must be purchased separately along with any or all OpenGround applications. Contact our product sales specialist to learn more. 

OpenGround Collaborator

Provide your teams across the supply chain with controlled access to a single source of truth to significantly increase collaboration and efficiency.  Improve access and reliability to avoid drilling the same location twice by accessing valuable knowledge from past proects. Your team can make more informed bids and lower risks with reusable archived information.

OpenGround Collector

You can connect the field to the office with Collector.  Your drilling crews collects the data once and the data is immediately made available to your teams when they need it.

OpenGround Manager

Take advantage of fully connected workflows and standardizations. Between your team and offices, you can manage and control sharing the most current data in standardized formats to fully optimize resources to save.

OpenGround Integrator

Leverage technology to reduce costs by integrating your GIS, analysis, or visualization tools.

Data Entry

  • Designed for fast and easy data entry
  • Enter data in primary or secondary units
  • Integrated validation and spell checking
  • Customizable soil description builder
  • Copy record options and default values
  • Support for calculated fields and default values
  • Customizable grid-based workflows
  • Imports for CSV| AGS3.1/4| gINT| GEODASY| pLog

Data Collection

  • Data synchronization with the cloud in one step
  • Optimize for touch
  • Intuitive steps| forms| and grids
  • Full log preview
  • Sample label printing
  • Integrated GPS support
  • Photograph support
  • Data validation with configurable settings
  • Support for offline data capture
  • Configuration options with data entry profiles| steps| forms and grids| defaults values| calculated fields| expressions| and conditional logic

Data Management

  • Extendable core data model
  • Data mining (filter / order / group)
  • Zone projects with location groups
  • Saved searches
  • Pick list and abbreviations management
  • Advanced calculated fields
  • Integrated document management

Geotechnical Data

In Excel:

  • Automated production of summary tables| measure sheets| and reports
    Filter and group data by multiple parameters
  • Filter by location groups
  • User-defined sorting criteria
  • Automatic production of graphs and summary plots
  • Dashboards by location and geology
  • Built-in designer for design of new templates
  • Support for Excel‚Äôs formatting functions
  • Use of Excel calculations on worksheets
  • Support for pivot tables and charts


  • Automatic display of 2D and 3D boreholes
  • Define multiple geotechnical hatches
  • Control over 3D boreholes and log strip styles
  • Create geology strata surfaces
  • Include/exclude locations in strata model
  • Strata color and material control
  • Create geotechnical profile views with strips
  • Modify alignments and update profile views
  • Automatically hatch the strata areas
  • Display additional geotechnical data
  • Point groups based on geotechnical data
  • Create surfaces from any geotechnical data

Report Production

  • Fast graphical log preview and PDF printing
  • Logs| sections| site plans| summary sheets| and charts
  • Customize templates using Template Studio

Customize Templates

  • Borehole logs| header sheets| site plans| and sections
  • Combined logs showing multiple drilling
  • Microsoft Office style interface
  • 30+ pre-made drag-and-drop object types
  • 100 pre-made expressions
  • Save at configuration pack| project| or local level
  • Text grouping and collision

Web Portal

  • Integrated GIS mapping
  • Intuitive grid and tab-based interface
  • View and download project documents
  • Review logs
  • Secure multistage data import process

OpenGround Launcher

  • Install and update new apps with a single click
  • Securely launch multiple apps from one login or SSO
  • Receive notifications for app updates
  • Keep informed about service updates
  • Manage app roll out across your organization
  • No IT access required for app updates

Platform Development

  • Extensive (REST) web API
  • Produce output in any application
  • Link data into any application
  • Import data from any application
  • Free Bentley Developer Network membership for internal app development
  • Application development support

Tablet Data Collection

  • Central configuration using admin portal
  • Customizable data entry profiles
  • Seamless data synchronization with cloud services
  • Driller shift support for easy operations management
  • Full log preview
  • Sample label printing
  • Photograph support
  • Android compatible

Access Management

  • Configurable role-based user permissions
  • Flexible team-based groups and roles
  • Single sign on support

Integrated GIS

  • Microsoft Bing mapping
  • Support for DXF| SHP import
  • Dot Plot overlays and Site Plan generation
  • Link to online datasets using WMS
  • Position locations for drilling teams
  • Dual Core Intel or compatible
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 5 GB of available hard drive space
  • 600 x 900 resolution
  • Windows 8.1
  • Internet Connection
  • Quad Core Intel or compatible
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB of available hard drive space
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Windows 10
  • Internet Connection
Browser Compatibility

Current versions of Chrome| FireFox| Edge


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