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Culvert hydraulic analysis and design software

  • Design new culverts and analyze existing culvert hydraulics
  • Perform computations using widely accepted methodologies to solve for hydraulic variables
  • Analyze everything from single-barrel crossings to complex embankment cross-drain systems

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Design new and analyze existing culvert hydraulics

CulvertMaster is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use calculator solution to design and analyze existing culvert hydraulics. You can analyze everything from single-barrel crossings to complex embankment cross-drain systems, with different shapes and sizes, special tailwater considerations, and roadway overtopping considering watershed data, culvert characteristics, and even weir geometry. Select from a library of standard culvert shapes, materials, and entrance conditions, then compute culvert headwater and tailwater elevations.

Calculate, analyze and design

For simple culverts with known characteristics, this simulation type allows you to plug in the data and solve for what you need. Its worksheet style dialog requires the minimum amount of descriptive input information to solve for discharge, headwater elevation, or culvert size. For more complex systems with multiple barrels, different shapes and sizes, special tailwater considerations, and roadway overtopping, you can use simulation types to verify the hydraulic performance of existing culverts. Easily analyze complex situations such as main-stream culverts working in combination with relief culverts in overbank areas and perform road overtopping analysis of existing culverts or new designs. Additionally, you can supplement existing culvert structures to correct inadequate capacities resulting from urbanizing watersheds or undersized crossdrain conditions.

Compare culvert options

You can incorporate design trials into complex hydraulic analyses, and evaluate the results. In the design mode, you would create individual culvert trials and solve for size of a culvert of a specified shape, material, and roughness to pass the design discharge under design elevation headwater conditions, discharge for a specific culvert under design elevation headwater, or headwater elevation for a specific culvert under design discharge conditions. 

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Hydraulics and Hydrology

CulvertMaster computations use the widely accepted US Federal Highway Administration’s Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts (HDS-5) methodologies, allowing you to solve for whatever hydraulic variables you don’t know, such as culvert size, peak discharge, and headwater elevation.

Flow calculations handle pressure and varied flow situations such as backwater and drawdown curves. Design discharge can be calculated using either the Rational or SCS peak discharge method. Rainfall information is calculated using rainfall tables, equations, or the National Weather Services’ Hydro-35 data. CulvertMaster also plots Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves from rainfall data. You can reuse this data for all projects in that region.


  • HDS-5 methodology
  • Pressure or partial (free surface) flow conditions
  • Gradually varied flow algorithm
  • Flow profile methods: drawdown and backwater analysis
  • Culvert section shapes: box, circular, arch, horizontal and vertical ellipse
  • Outlet channel sections: rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and irregular shapes
  • Roadway or broad-crested weir (to check overtopping conditions)


  • Watershed area calculation: calculation of total area and weighted runoff coefficient, based on an unlimited number of watershed sub-areas and corresponding runoff coefficients entered
  • Peak flow method: Rational Method, SCS Graphical Peak Method, user-defined peak flow rate
  • Rainfall data input: Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) equations, IDF tables, Hydro-35

Interface, Editing, and Model Management

  • Built-in interactive tutorials
  • Worksheet list (for convenient display of projects’ content)
  • Project setup wizard
  • Engineering libraries (materials, section sizes, and culvert inlets)
  • Rainfall data specified using a rainfall table or a rainfall equation
  • Global engineering – units management
  • Support for ProjectWise

Results Presentation

  • Summarized and detailed reports of inputs and outputs
  • Rating tables
  • Performance curves (single or multiple elements)

As per minimum operating system requirement

Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 SP1 (32 & 64-bit for all)


As per minimum operating system requirements

Hard Disk

150 MB of free storage space (with additional room for data files)


800 x 600 resolution, 256 colors


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